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A Case That Insipires Us​

Flatbread Pizza’s mission statement includes a charitable component. Through direct donating and charity events, they believe in giving back to the communities they serve. Owner Jim Harrison told Providence Monthly, “We’re always seeking for people who have non-profits.” “Applications are available online or at the restaurant. We now have them scheduled through March. Every Tuesday night between 5 and 9 p.m., they contribute $3.50 from every big pizza sold to a different non-profit. By establishing the Lincoln County Community Energy Fund, King Elder’s Pub in Damariscotta, Maine has gone above and above for its neighbors. During the chilly winter months, our effort assists people with paying their energy costs in an emergency. 

Impactful events

With 19 restaurants in the San Diego area and on Maui, the Cohn Restaurant Group is extremely philanthropic in its community. For people who want to submit a donation request, the restaurant group gives contact information. Corvette Diner’s FUN-raise and Vintana Wine + Dine’s Money Making Mondays are two of the group’s fundraising events. Non-profit organizations are welcome to attend and participate in the fundraising process by donating 15% of all food and beverage sales generated by the organization on a specific night and time frame. Non-profit groups take part in the event by publicizing it and passing out fliers. The restaurant visitors must present the flyer during the event in order for the donations to be properly collected and distributed. This type of event benefits everyone: the restaurant gains customers and establishes itself as a neighborhood leader, while the non-profit earns funds.

London Restaurant Cooperative

A government-issued order halted the vast majority of restaurants, pubs, and cafes in the aftermath of the epidemic and lockdown, with a handful moving to a limited takeaway and delivery service. We met with and published a handful of the accounts from individuals on the frontlines as part of a four-part series aimed at exploring the lives and viewpoints of restaurant workers in the immediate aftermath. Here’s where you can find all of the stories.

Stephen Tozer is one of the co-founders of the London Restaurant Cooperative, a non-profit that hires restaurant workers to cook delivery meals for clients and the NHS. He’s also a co-founder of Maison Bab and Le Bab Kebab Queen. We had the idea to start the London Restaurant Cooperative on a Wednesday morning, a few days before the relief was announced, because there could have been no relief at that time.

Two dimensions

There’s an economic one, but there’s also a significant mental health component. Restaurant employees are accustomed to working at a million miles per hour, very hard and intensely, and they thrive on it. How will these people be able to pay their rent and provide for their families? What will they think when they run up this brick wall of inaction? Then we realized that if we set this up, we’ll be able to support the NHS in two ways: we’ll be able to donate any unused meals, and we’ll be able to encourage people to buy meals for the NHS, which we’ll deliver. And none of it is for monetary gain. Any revenues from the sale of these items are simply put into a pay fund. Anything left over after meeting the basic needs of the workforce is used to prepare meals for the NHS.

And we just had to think, if we’re not going to receive relief, what’s the most efficient way we can get as many of our employees and others back to work as soon as possible? And it occurred to me that there are a lot of people in London who don’t like to cook, don’t have enough space to cook, can’t cook, or can’t afford to get takeout every night. Many people isolate themselves and require food to be provided to them.

Because almost every restaurant kitchen in central London is idle and abandoned, we have this fantastic, underutilized food producing capacity. There are now a million unemployed hospitality employees in the United States. So why don’t we utilize them to bring pre-cooked meals, particularly nice ones prepared by chefs, to front-of-house personnel who are also eager to work?

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